What is the local currency?

The Lempira is the local currency and the exchange rate is $1.00 US = 18.92 Lempiras. Nearly all stores and restaurants accept major credit cards.

Do most people on the island speak English?

The official language on Roatan in Spanish but most people speak English and nearly everyone at Pristine Bay speaks English.

What is the best time to visit Roatan?

Roatan is a tropical climate with average temperature of 80-85 degrees throughout the year. Mid-October through mid-December is rainy season but the rain is sporadic so you can still enjoy the island during these months.

Is Roatan safe?

Yes – Roatan is only 42 square miles in size and yet has two different cruise ship ports bringing over 1 million visitors to this tropical paradise every year!  Tourism is the cornerstone of the local economy and therefore very well protected by the government.

How many people live on Roatan?

There are 80,000 people living on Roatan and the main industries are fishing and tourism.

Is Pristine Bay a new development?

Yes – Northshore Development broke ground on this Caribbean treasure in 2007, beginning with The Black Pearl Golf Course. Phase I of the residential component consisted of 50 villas and residences and sold out in 2010. Phase II was launched in 2011.

Once on the island, what are my options for transportation?

You can either rent a car (which will be brought to the resort for your convenience), hire a taxi or for shorter distances, the Pristine Bay van can accommodate most requests.

Where do I have to go if I want to snorkel or scuba dive?

One huge advantage of Pristine Bay is ease of access to the reef from our beachside dock. You can literally jump in your golf cart, head down to the beach, grab your snorkel or dive equipment at our PADI certified dive shop and be diving or snorkeling in a matter of minutes.

How difficult is it to purchase property in Roatan?

Buying property at Pristine Bay is very easy and we have the US-based and Roatan-based resources to educate you to make the purchasing process as seamless as possible. Please refer to our Buyer’s Guide to learn more.

Once I own at Pristine Bay, how difficult to sell my home?

The resale process if again, very easy for a US owner. You would list your property with the resort to generate awareness among all island visitors and Personette would facilitate selling your home by listing it in Houston.

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